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Key person to contact incase of death:

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Funeral and Burial Arrangements

Death Certificate Information

Organ Donation
Being an organ donor is a great way to help others after you have passed away.
Become a donor today by completing the following below.

Cemetary & Cremation

I want to:

Grave Markers

Casket Selections

Preparation of Your Body

Burial Clothing

Traditional funeral attire is giving way to personal choice. If you have never been comfortable wearing a suit and tie, this should not be your choice for burial. Whether you prefer to be dressed in your favourite golfing attire, dress or nightgown, the choice is yours. By selecting your outfit, you can relieve the pain and stress of a family member having to make the choice for you by choosing it directly from your wardrobe.

Obituary Information

Newspapers and Notices

Obituary Information to be collected from


Family members may be unaware of all the people or agencies to be notified of your death. Please list full names (middle initials, too) and address, phone numbers of all who should be notified.

Important Papers & Information
If the following documents are in a safety deposit box, be sure someone has copies. Safety deposit boxes can be sealed for 30 days or longer following a death. Who has copies of your important documents?

Where are the following
Who is your Will and Medical contact?

Viewing the Body

I would like to have:

Funeral or Memorial Service
You can decide the type of service to have - or to not have a service.

Your options include:






Service Program

The program for a funeral or memorial service typically presents pictures, the order of events, the speakers and music selected. It can provide a lovely keepsake for guests. The program should reflect your personality and style in a meaningful and respectful way.

Where will the event be held?

Who are the event planners?

Any other Last Wishes?